Thursday, June 30, 2005

Only One Way

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'Christ's will was, and is, to unite. Think how he wept over Jerusalem!
Think of his prayer, “That they all might be one.” But people did not and do not want this. Christ said. “I am the Way,” and that is what matters.
Not what denomination or church group one belongs to, not social work, not reform, etc.—but the Way. Modern life is so complicated and torn, so distracting and disintegrating. Whereas the Way is simple, light and straight, and unifies the whole of life.'
- Kathleen Hasenberg

It's lovely to be reminded to halt the tide towards divisions, dichotomies and fragmentations and to always look for unification amidst diversity. Life IS simple if I will let it be. I get so caught up, so uptight about so many things. Things to do, things to learn, things I must know... ad nauseum. If I will only let go for a moment, and come into Reality as it is. That is all there is to life -- God and me. - YY


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