Monday, May 30, 2005

The Devotional Attitude

"Quietude, even in the purely outward sense, means a great deal to our inward composure. Not until we have come apart from those things which divert our attention to outward things, are our souls free to engage in inward activity. Or perhaps we should speak first of that inward, passive state known as the devotional attitude. As soon as outward things lose their distracting influence over our soul-life, God Himself can attune our souls to prayer, because we are in a devotional attitude."

Hallesby, O. Prayer. Augsburg Publishing House, Minneapolis. 1931. Pg. 93

When I can see prayer as a dialog - spoken or unspoken - of love, between God and ourselves, then I can be in prayer all day long. Everything I see, hear and touch are 'words' and all that I think, feel and do are words spoken back. It is not the ambient noises that distract us from this dialog, but our own inner voice - of desire, fear, insecurity. Much work to be done to silence these voices and allow the voice of trust and surrender to emerge sweetly.


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