Thursday, September 08, 2005

Teach me your will

A slow and repetitive reading (Lectio Divina-style) of Psalm 143:10 makes my heart ache.

“ Teach me to do your will, for you are my God; may your good Spirit lead me on level ground. ”

The words 'teach me' and 'lead me ' captures my longing for the direction and purpose I so need at this point of my life. No one can give me the kind of over-arching navigational sense through life. Not my employer, not the world's needs, and certainly not my own impulses that are driven by ambition and comfort-seeking than truth. I need a real guide I can trust.

'Your will' sinks in even more deeply.

'Your will',
Not my own
'Your' thoughts
Higher than mine
'Your' lead
I shall follow

Not the will of man
Not my selfish dreams or foolish ambitions
Not the pace of the world
Only YOUR will

For 'You' are Yoke Yeow's God
No other God and no other will, will do.


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